The Truth About Overcoming Obstacles

One good thing you should know about overcoming obstacles: things change and good tools show up on a regular basis. Plus, each new thing will create at least two other things to go along and help. These 3 obstacles are critical for each Survivor fan who wants to save time, money and effort. If you’re serious, take a really good look at them, especially if you want to prove to yourself and others that you are stronger than the obstacle in front of you.

Result #1: On EOE, The Girls Finished And Moments Later Burst Into Tears.

The key to this for you is that the Survivors on Edge of Extinction were given the challenge of moving a pile of fire wood from the top of the mountain on the island to the beach, next to the fire pit, one log at a time. .

What’s important for everyone to understand about this is that for the healthy Survivors on EDGE it was quite an effort. Put yourself in this Challenge. I know it’s hard to really see yourself walking up and down a mountain twenty times in one day. We have a tendency to over-estimate our abilities. Most of us would assume it would be easier for us than it was for those Survivors who actually did it. It wouldn’t be. You would most likely be, at most, in the middle of the pack.

As a Survivor fan, you can’t neglect this because we think we could have finished before them, and we never would have had a rush of emotions when we carefully placed that last log down on our neatly stacked pile, or maybe we would have. Maybe you’re a crier and you would have cried with the first log, or you would have cried the entire time only to stop with the last one.

Either way, at this point you should definitely look at this a little closer. What was that unexpected reaction all about? Relief? Happiness? Joy? Probably Pride in actually accomplishing such a difficult feat. Think, “Oh my gosh, I actually DID IT!” But why were there tears instead of fist pumps and Rocky arms?

What was the hardest thing you’ve ever done? How does it compare to climbing a mountain twenty times in one day and bringing down one log at a time? What kind of reaction did you have when you successfully completed it? What kind of difficult obstacles have you volunteered for, knowing how hard they would be before you started?

Result #2: Adam Klein Never Gave Up Trying To Get That Last Key

All Survivor fans heed this realization: the challenge for the two tribes last week was so difficult that Jeff Probst (the host) and some of the production team thought it was actually going to be their first failed challenge in 40 seasons. A failed challenge is one that is so hard, nobody could finish it.

As a Survivor fan, you should get the connection that something can look like it’s going to fail, like there’s no way on earth you are going to ever succeed at completing it, but that doesn’t give you the right to give up. People are counting on you, like people were counting on Adam. He was the only one to come even close to the last key at the end of a long pole that was high above the water. He had to basically jump from a standstill at the end of a slippery, little, wet beam, with no shoes on and the wind was blowing like crazy.

This is important, because Adam couldn’t run and jump off the narrow beam, just like you can’t run and jump to your goals. you have to jump from a standing position, and grab for them, falling way down into the water below when you miss. Then you have to climb all the way back up to the top, stand on the skinny, slippery, little wet beam again in the wind. Just to jump again. Each time you miss makes you that much more drained physically, and emotionally. Adam had to try at least four times, because that’s what they showed us in their editing, but we know that he tried more times than that if Jeff was worried about it being a failed challenge..

My advice at this point is to pull an Adam and never, never, never, ever, never give up..

Result #3: Ethan Zohn Proved Cancer Didn’t Beat Him

The quick idea on this is, we are once again back with the Survivors on Edge of Extinction, where they were given the challenge of moving twenty pieces of fire wood from the top of the mountain on the island to the beach, next to the fire pit, one log at a time, all in one day’s time. But Ethan was out for more than just the Fire Token winnings; he was out to prove a point..

What’s important for every Survivor fan to understand about this obstacle is that Ethan had battled and beaten the Devil in the years since his last time on Survivor. He’d fought a rare form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and came out miraculously clean after 4 years consisting of chemo, two NEDs*, a couple relapses, and some stem cell transplants. He was seven years cancer free as of his struggle on Edge of Extinction, and his need to prove himself, to himself, was strong, as it would be for any cancer survivor. In Life, it’s important we revisit this scene with this point of view because we need to see that circumstances may come against us. We may have Big, Bad Wolves come knocking at our door, maybe even the Devil himself. Life throws curve balls. It throws so many that eventually we’re going to get ht by one.

Survivor fans need to know this, because if we never step out and prove to ourselves that we really DID beat those Big, Bad Wolves, or those curve ball hits, or even that red eyed, nasty devil, we may find ourselves starting to doubt our abilities or our worth. For Ethan it meant proving the cancer had not taken his body. It was still capable of winning. What is it for you?

For best results here, you should never let this happen. Take those unwanted visitors and show them who’s Boss. You are capable and you are worthy. You are stronger than you think. You CAN overcome those adversities. Never. Never. Never. Ever. Never. Give. Up. You, even YOU can do it..

If you want to waste a lot of time and equal amounts of money then ignore these ideas at your own risk. But if you want to prove to yourselves and others that you are stronger than the obstacle in front of you, or behind you, and avoid risking depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, then take this advice to heart. You’ll be glad you did.

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Tyson, voted out at Tribal Council: Man, you guys have a lot of firewood                   Reply: You have no idea