Anxiety and Depression go hand in hand, but Anxiety is one of the easiest mental illnesses to cure--not cover the symptoms, like medication does, but to actually cure.

We must realize, though, that it is during our suffering that we grow as people. We learn what it's like to see the other side and come back. We realize things we may never have gotten to realize before.

  • We love someone more than we thought
  • We don't like our job, or maybe we love it
  • Life is about more than shuffling through our days like a zombie
  • Doing what is important to us is important to God
  • There is a God
  • We are stronger than we think

There are so many things to learn through suffering that we just have to work through it instead of trying to go around it...or avoid it all together.

There's a reason we are suffering as we are, and it's not just because we got cancer, or we had a car accident, or whatever got us there in the first place. There's a reason, just like there's a reason we are here, on this earth living this life at this time in history.

Are you willing to find your reason?

Are you willing to fight through your suffering?

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