*Happy Passover (Pesach Sameach) *

This post is about how you can find healing in the arms of God. I realize that not everyone wants to hear about this, so this type of post will be kept to a minimum, maybe 4 or 5 times a year. If you wish to hear more, go to my web site and contact me through the “Contact” links on the bottom of the first page. Email, Facebook, or Instagram. This post may be disturbing to some due to somewhat graphic content.

Exodus 12:5

‘Your lamb shall be an unblemished male a year old; you may take it from the sheep or from the goats.’

Passover in 2018 starts at sundown on Friday, March 30th.

I read a short meditation the other day that really made me realize the day that is upon us. It was from an email I subscribe to by Messianic Bible. They are translating a bible to show how Yeshua is all through the Old Testament, too. This email was sent March 23, 2018. The part of the meditation we’re going to visit went like this, please read this thoughtfully, with an open heart, paying special attention to the bolded parts:

Korban Olah (קרבנ עלה Burnt Offerings)
“Let him offer a male without blemish; he shall offer it of his own free will at the door of the tabernacle of meeting before the LORD.”  (Leviticus 1:3)
The Korban Olah is a voluntary offering that is to be completely burnt.  Nothing is to be eaten.
To offer it, the worshiper brings a male animal without blemish to the door of the Tabernacle.  A male or female dove or pigeon can be offered if a person does not have the means to offer a bullock, ram or goat.
The Israelite then places his hands upon the head of the animal offering with the knowledge that this innocent animal is about to pay the price for his sin.
After the worshiper asks Adonai for forgiveness, the animal is slaughtered.
I don’t know if you are an animal lover or not. I am. When I read this, my heart cried for the sins that I have done.
You may be wondering what all this has to do with Inner Demons, but take a closer look…with your heart. Imagine actually doing this.
–“The Burnt Offering is a voluntary offering that is to be completely burnt. Nothing is to be eaten.”
The baby animal about to be slaughtered is given solely to God. The life is taken only for the reason of forgiveness of our sins.
–“To offer it, the worshiper brings a male animal without blemish to the door of the Tabernacle.”
It is a Perfect animal that the sinner asking for forgiveness brings himself. A perfect animal brought to God by a sinner who is unforgiven at this point.
–“The Israelite then places his hands upon the head of the animal offering with the knowledge that this innocent animal is about to pay the price for his sin.”
The worshiper holds the head of the perfect animal and reflects upon what is about to happen. Innocence is about to die for evil.
–“After the worshiper asks Adonai for forgiveness, the animal is slaughtered.”
The worshiper looks to God and asks that the animal’s innocence be passed to him, while his sin be passed to the innocent animal. Then the price for sin is paid, as the animal is slaughtered. (The wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23)
Now, see that the animal in question is not an animal at all, but Yeshua…Jesus from Nazareth. Can you feel it now?
The Passover lamb is not a burnt offering; it is a special, Passover lamb. There is none other like it. It had to be slaughtered each year, because it wasn’t a strong enough sacrifice to extend any longer. During the very first Passover in Egypt, so that God’s judgment of Egypt would pass over, the children of Israel were required to choose an unblemished lamb, kill it at home (not at the temple), and place its blood over the doorposts and lintels of their dwelling places.
It was then roasted on a spit, and consumed entirely before sunrise. If there was anything leftover because the family couldn’t eat it all, it was to be consumed by fire.
As the blood of the Passover lamb spared the Israelite firstborns from death in Egypt, the blood of Yeshua, through His scourging and death on a tree (a cross), spares us from eternal death and separation from God.
No sacrifice could cover intentionally disobeying the law, nor could its covering of sin extend into eternity.  Only the Lamb of God could redeem humankind from the curse and the punishment of disobedience, as well as give eternal life.
The Passover lamb had to be one that was perfect – without defect. Yeshua was sinless. He led a perfectly unblemished life.
The Passover lamb was slaughtered at 3pm. Yeshua died at 3pm.
The bones of the Passover lamb were not allowed to be broken. A big storm came in that forced the Roman soldiers to break the legs of those
        being crucified, so they would die quickly, before the storm hit. There was no need for Yeshua’s legs to be broken, as He was already dead.
The Passover lamb was to be eaten with community in its entirety. Jesus declared over the matzoh, “This is my body.” It follows that the matzoh
        be seen as symbolic of Jesus, the Passover lamb.
So, we come to the question again: What does this have to do with Inner Demons? God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. You can find peace in God. Your pain can be taken through relationship with Him. He is always with you and for you. Your loneliness and fear can melt away. The scripture goes, “If God is for you, who can be against you?” (Romans 8:31). It is believed that depression is the personal discovery that there is a hole in our hearts, our lives, that we can not seem to fill. That hole is the exact size and shape of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Considering God is larger than our brains can even comprehend, that’s a pretty big hole, and I can totally understand why realizing this would make us depressed and anxious.

The question then remains: What will it take to convince you?

Do you want to know Yeshua as your Messiah?


Get a copy of the Bible, I suggest the Complete Jewish Version or the New International Version, or go to biblegateway.com and start reading. Do not rely on the words of man. Stay out of the apostate church that says all you need to do is say a prayer asking Yeshua to forgive you, and all is wonderful. Realize that obedience to God is required by God Himself. He has commandments that are told to us in Exodus and Leviticus, two of the first five books of the Bible that make up the Torah.

Your healing is in sight. Don’t wait. Time is running out.