*Always Be Kind

Inner Demons are sneaky creatures. You can’t see them all the time. This is why it’s vital to constantly be Kind to others. You just never know what Demons are plaguing that other person at the particular time you come in contact with them.

Say you know someone who is continuously bitter and negative. You may think that’s just how that person is, but have you ever stopped to think why that person acts that way? I know, it’s a very mature way of approaching people, but it really is the best way. Maybe that person has a terrible home life, or had an awful childhood. Ever think maybe abuse was (or may still be) in the picture? Survivors of childhood abuse can act out in all sorts of ways, depending on the type and severity of the abuse, the age at which it happened, the abuser and his or her lies, etc.

Many survivors express deep seated anger that manifests itself as impatience toward everything; resentment toward others who are like the abuser or someone who should have protected them; rage against things that they can’t control, or things that don’t go right, just to name a few. Kindness in this situation is hard, because it doesn’t seem to sink in, but do your best, because eventually it does sink in, and one day you will be rewarded for your attempts by them, or someone close to them.

Perhaps the bitter person just lost their job, and is looking at losing everything. Kindness here would definitely change a life.

The idea is, you don’t know what is going on, or has gone on, in that person’s life … unless you live with them. In this case, we turn to mental health.

Say you think you know someone fairly well, and they just seem to be a negative person in all aspects of life–a glass half empty kind of person. Regular bouts of kindness can show this person that the world isn’t so terrible. They may not get rose colored glasses over night, but eventually you will see their view of things start to lean toward your view of things. Negative Nellie’s head may rear once in a while, but I’ve found that, all in all, this person’s outlook tends to lean in your direction. This makes it vital that you continually show that kindness is a way of life–your way of life.

Maybe you don’t really know someone, or you thought you did, but things seemed to change quickly. Odds are you missed some signs somewhere. Maybe that person’s friendship relied on something you didn’t see, and your growth flipped a switch, or created the ramp that led to their bad behavior. This isn’t your fault. You need to keep growing. It’s the only healthy way of living. People grow apart, and friendships disappear because of it. That’s OK. Take what you learned from that relationship, that person, and use it to help you grow some more. The fellowship may seem strained or unwanted, but always be kind in this situation. If you erred, apologize immediately, and show gratitude for the camaraderie you once held. If they are at fault, still show kindness and appreciation. Isn’t that what you would want?

So, now it could be a boss…someone you must report to daily, or even multiple times a day. Are you required to like that person? No, but you are required to show respect to the office they hold. Ok, but you don’t actually respect them, then what? This is where kindness wins. You don’t need to respect, like, know, care about, or ever want to see again to show kindness. In this case, kindness serves two purposes. It works on the heart of the person in charge, eventually finding that chink in their armor. It may be very difficult work, and it may take years, but focus on showing that person kindness on a daily basis, and it will happen. Do you know what else will happen? You will “suddenly” care about what happens to that person. You may even start to respect them.

A co-worker who always purposely pushes you buttons. Show Kindness.

A person with a reputation that proceeds them. Show kindness.

A rude cashier at your favorite store, who everyone tries to avoid, but sometimes it’s impossible. Show kindness.

A group of young people who seem to troll the neighborhood looking for trouble. Show kindness.

A kid, who you know is good, but you find them acting bad. Show kindness.

How do you “show kindness” to all the negative, mean-spirited people? It’s really quite simple. The easiest thing you can do is pray for them. Praying they find the LORD accomplishes many things, a couple that you might benefit from are: they realize their sins and feel guilt when they repent. Some of those sins may be how they treated you. Also, you’ll get to see them on the winning side in the end, and discover how they really are, not how the World covered their beautiful spirit with hatred and anger.

You can give them gifts. No, it’s not bribery, it’s kindness. Remember their birthday. Surprise them on a holiday, or maybe for no special reason. Don’t go overboard with elaborate gifts, just simple things, like a danish and coffee in the morning, an apple after lunch, or something nice from the Dollar General, where everything is a dollar. This is a great place to find coffee mugs or plates/bowls you can decorate,holiday decorations, little gifts for the car, or the kids, if she has them. You don’t even have to tell them it was from you. Anonymous kindness is sometimes the best kind. It gives them a lift all day, as they try to figure out who did it for them.

Take them out to lunch, explaining that you just want to get to know them better, or maybe you’re concerned about something that happened, or maybe their mood, and you just want to talk things out with them.

Thank them for something good they did, even if it wasn’t specifically for you. Maybe the boss brought donuts for the office one morning, or he updated the computer systems to a faster version. Even if they just made coffee instead of putting back an empty pot, if you catch them doing something good, show kindness and appreciation.

It can be hard showing kindness to someone who lashes out at people. First you must ensure your safety, but once you have that under control, kindness can go a long way. People tend not to forget the kindnesses paid to them. You can make a difference in someone’s life simply by expressing your gratitude toward life by being kind to another human being.

Maybe they haven’t been cruel in any way. This makes it even easier to show kindness. Know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about by showing kindness. It isn’t a weakness. No one is going to think less of you for it. Instead, you will light the desire to pass it on in others, and if the majority of us can just be kind to others, no matter the circumstance, this world will get better. You could even save a life.

So make it a point. Drill it into your mind to show kindness every day, at least once … to start, but then add another bit of kindness, and another. Soon it will become who you are. Others will view you as the kindhearted guy/gal, who will give the shirt off your back. Wouldn’t that be great?



It’s Time to Confront the Truth. Kindness wins.