A Paranoia Fact Every Survivor Fan Needs

If you’re a Survivor fan who is ready to know more about paranoia, then here is a fact you need to know if you want to avoid having to go to a psychiatrist.

The Moral Here Is: Paranoia In Survivor Is Fun To Watch, But In Real Life It’s Just Not Good.

The key to this fact for Survivor fans is that paranoia outside of the game is an irrational fear that someone is out to get you..

Everyone needs to understand this means whether you are in the game or not, paranoia is only going to make your relationships with other people harder to create or maintain..

Survivor fans can’t neglect this fact because  when you find it difficult to trust others, you aren’t able to compromise, and you assume that people are talking ill of you behind your back, you may think that you’re just acting like Jeremy when he turned to Ben at Tribal Counsel and said, “Do you think Rob and Parvati have something set up?”, but don’t count on it. It’s more likely something worse is wrong and you need to get help.

So the next step for you here is to evaluate any bits of paranoia you may have in your own life. It’s fun to watch on Survivor, but it’s no joke in real life..

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