The Truth

An estimated 16 Million American adults experienced at least one depressive episode in the last year. That's almost 7% of the country's population--One in twenty.

And that doesn't include people under the age of 18. Yes, kids are getting depressed these days! Sadly, 5% of children aged 6-12 have depression at any given moment.

And it's not just depression. Mental illnesses of all kinds are exploding.

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It's Time to Break the Stigma, which is so bad that even doctors are struggling with it.

Demontown asks you to join a fictional account of living with the Inner Demons of depression, anxiety and many more, while showing how people hide from it.

Along the way, you'll experience the unfolding of a three-year-old murder investigation.

People suffer every day in silence because admitting to mental illness is still taboo.

Anxiety and Depression aren't Fiction.

What do you plan to do about that?